Dark Legacy :: news 57
Dividing Line

Sat 20 Sep

Treasure drops changed! Patch tweaked. see 'help changes_20092008'.

* Fixed adult channel hiding bug * Eggs in womb are nolocate until pregnancy is over. * Session highscores only keep your highest record, so they do not decrease at a later time/ * Mind thrust spell now does charisma score + 5 per fec in damage. * Blood can be drunk now by vamps out of combat, gives regeration just like drinking. * Pet common toy drop rate changed from extra rare to infrequently. * Pet rare toy drop rate changed from very rare to rare * Equipment drops in treasure are three times as likely to be tailored, leatherworked or smithed. * Tweaked droprate categories. * All chests now drop at least 2-5 items. * Lower level chests (after level 10) now drop the same number of items as higher level chests. * GREATLY increased droprates for the rarer treasures, since some could take years to RL centuries to drop :P * Greatly increased rarer baboo droprates. * Greatly increased boonie droprates. * Creatures generate nested and burried treasure on corpsing. * Monsters now burry about 1 in 5 chests on corpsing. * Hidden and burried items no longer show physics messages. * Spot allows players to notice nests and hidden treasure.