Dark Legacy :: news 49
Dividing Line

Sun 26 Oct

Drawing Contest! Emeralite prize for all, with mystery Grand Prize! Check Forums or TSQ (Note 35) for details! Winner will be decided on the 1st.

ATTN: Artists, Alora Fanatics, Bored Peoples of the World, and everyone else - Help us sketch a little life into the mysteries of Dark Legacy!! We are holding a drawing contest, the grand prize winner will receive an emeralite ingot, plus an additional random prize selected by myself. All original entries will receive one emeralite ingot as a consolation prize. So put your imagination on paper! This weeks Alorian Mystery is: A Celebug! Sketch one out, and make a peice of Alora come to life! Entries will be accepted until 12:00 PM GMT, on the 31st, and the winner announced on the 1st (Please send entries to Rocky_Conner01@yahoo.com)