Dark Legacy :: manual travel
Dividing Line


Basic movement
The common movements are 'north', 'east', 'south', 'west', 'up', 'down', 'northeast', 'southeast', 'southwest', and 'northwest'. You may also move in these directions by the use of 'n', 'e', 's', 'w', 'u', 'd', 'ne', 'se', 'sw', and 'nw'. If you need to pass through a door, at times they require being unlocked and opened. To unlock a door, you type 'unlock' . To open a door, you type 'open' . At times, you may run out of movement points or require healing. To allow for faster recovery, you may 'sit', 'rest', or 'sleep'. When are finished with your recovery, and wish to continue adventuring, type 'wake' or 'stand'.
Accessing the world map
When the exits in a room describe a 'map' exit, you can enter the world map at that location by typing 'leave'. You can move around on the world map like any other map.

dark-legacy world map

Fast world map navigation
Use the 'travel' command to instantly travel to a waypoint you have placed before with the 'waypoint' command. By typing 'travel', you can see all your waypoints, and the distance to travel to each of them. On foot, the maximum distance you can travel is very short. You will need to find other means of traveling to increase the distance. On a scale of transportation from closest to furthest: Walking, Riding a non-flying/floating mount, Riding a Flying mount, Traveling by vehicle or Riding a teleporting mount.
Pillar travel (Runewalking)
Runewalking is one of the fastest modes of transportation available in the Realms. To use the rune-pillars you must first locate them and add them to your list with 'runewalk add'. Not all pillars may be added to your list. Some pillars function only as destinations. Some function only as transporters (cannot be added to rune list). 'runewalk list' lists all possible destinations that you have currently added to your list, examples are citidels, cities and guild halls. 'runewalk touch #' activates the pillar you are next to, where # is the number designated in Runewalk List.

Sometimes when you use the pillars they malfunction and you are dropped at a different pillar. Some people have reportedly been dropped at places normally unreachable. Be warned however, using the pillars too much is hazardous for your health, as it may poison or even kill you when used too many times in a row.