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Dividing Line

Tinker Dwarf

Skilled inventors, always playing with the latest technologies.

A common interest in technology and invention has, over time, served to create a new subspecies of dwarf who came to be called Tinker dwarves by their brethren. As they moved away from the Mountain dwarves on the evolutionary path, Tinker dwarves became less muscular but grew smarter than their cousins. They are a studious bunch and most are obsessed with their various inventions and research. As a result they tend to naturally isolate themselves from the other dwarves in order to provide a sanctuary for their shared passion. However, they do stick close enough to their cousins in order to be protected from the dangers in the world; in return for which they trade their more practical inventions to the other dwarves. Other than that though, Tinker dwarves dont have anything against any of the other races, as long as theyre allowed to exist in peace.


- automatically speak common and dwarven.
- infravision.
- +2 con, +3 int, -2 cha.
- can invent additions to existing objects.


- height: 51 to 56 inches
- weight: 140 to 154 pounds.