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Rock Gnome

The common, surface city dwelling gnome.

Rock Gnomes are a short, stocky race, similar to their dwarven cousins. They have a rich dark brown skin, which doesn't grow pale by lack of sun. Their attire is mostly earth-toned, richly embroidered, and usually adorned with finely crafted gnomish jewellery. Rock gnomes prefer living underground in burrow-like dwellings, which most dwarves scoff at, despite the skill and effort the gnomes put into it. They enjoy songs, laughter and practical jokes. They prefer an evening at home with a magical tome, a loaf of pipeweed bread and a cup of ale rather than venturing out to battle. Rock Gnomes have a knack for illusions, and are well versed in their studies of knowledge, magic and religions. Rock gnomes usually focus in the magical or clerical arts, though a few have ventured into the arts of thieving. Rock gnomes are on friendly terms with dwarves and halflings, but distrust most larger races. As a race they tend to shy away from contact with the surface world.


- automatically speak common and gnomish.
- +1 to enchantment complexity.
- -1 strength, +1 constitution, +2 wisdom
- can see through illusions. (invisibility)
- innate spell: figment
- improved hearing (increase chance to spot, 95% spot).
- can identify items on sight.


- height: 44 to 48 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.