Dark Legacy :: manual races Pixie
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A winged race, small of stature and with keen minds.

Pixies hail from the deepest and most enchanted forests of Alora. Gossamer winged faeries, pixies stand less than two feet in height. Their wings, skin and hair color vary from among all the colors of the rainbow, reflecting their expressive personalities. Pixies follow their childlike whim oblivious to all consequences. Pixies are notorious lawbreakers, and are often found breaking the restrictive laws of the human world for the sake of a good prank. However, this does not mean pixies as a race are evil. Pixies have a strong feeling for wrong or right. Regardless of their reputation, pixies usually integrate well with society. Their irrational, poetic, absurd, mystical and paradoxical nature fascinates many. Superstition has created a haven for pixies in the human world, where they are flooded with offerings for protection and good luck. Pixies often choose the calling of magic and excel especially in the arts of the mage, for the magical understanding of the pixie knows no equal.


- automatically speak common and sylvan.
- polymorph into a humanoid child at will (kinshape).
- magical flight.
- +2 to all magical complexities.
- +4 dexterity, +3 charisma.
- -4 strength, -2 constitution, -2 wisdom.


- height: 24 to 26 inches
- weight: 40 to 44 pounds.