Dark Legacy :: manual races Ogre
Dividing Line


Tall, powerful and deadly in combat; the prototypical warrior.

The typical Ogre stands from eight to ten feet tall in height and is known for its muscle-packed body that can weigh from three to four hundred pounds. Most are relatively hairless, their bodies are covered with small, boney growths, and their disproportionately long limbs give them a somewhat simian appearance. Usually solitary creatures, ogres form clans with whatever races they can muster. Ogres thrive in positions of power and control, using their strength and cunning to force their will upon weaker races. Ogres in power are unrelenting, cruel, and hard to dethrone, even by underhanded scheming. Ogres are gluttonous and belligerent, and being extremely territorial, most Ogres will readily engage in battle to establish superiority over anyone it encounters. Some Ogres settle in the civilized world, ruling kingdoms of crime from the shadows. Like orcs they have a very bad reputation, but know how to play society to suit their needs.


- automatically speak common and orcish.
- +1 physical and body complexity.
- carry capacity doubled.
- unaffected by alcohol.
- 2 hitpoints per level bonus.
- +2 strength, +2 intelligence, +3 constitution
- -3 dexterity, -1 wisdom, -3 charisma
- automatically speak ogre.


- height: 120 to 132 inches
- weight: 304 to 334 pounds.