Dark Legacy :: manual races Nixie
Dividing Line


Aquatic lake dwelling fey, slim and comely.

Nixies are an aquatic version of small elves with pale green scaly skin, dark green hair and silvery eyes. They spend their lives protecting the same pure waters of the ponds and lakes they were born in. Nixies live in small burrows in the water and treat intruders of their home with suspicion and hostility. Nixies tend to be peaceful unless they are forced to protecting themselves or their territory. Nixies use their ability to charm creatures to have things done for them that they themselves could not accomplish due to their small stature. Once a charm is about to wear off, the creature is sent on its way and ordered to keep walking, so that they cannot remember their back to the Nixie's community.


- automatically speak common and sylvan.
- polymorph into a humanoid child at will (kinshape).
- can breathe water.
- +2 to all magical complexities.
- +3 dexterity, +4 charisma.
- -4 strength, -2 constitution, -2 wisdom.
- can cast 'create spring' at will.


- height: 24 to 26 inches
- weight: 40 to 44 pounds.