Dark Legacy :: manual races Mountain Dwarf
Dividing Line

Mountain Dwarf

Mountain dwellers, great fortress builders and miners.

Mountain dwarves are an older race than humans, and their physical characteristics differ quite a bit. They are short, stocky individuals, with huge amounts of stamina and strength, though they aren't very dexterous. Most mountain dwarves become warriors but there are quite a few who pursue a more divine or magical lifestyle. They are normally a long-lived race, despite their strong desire for drinking, feasting and a good fight. They are mostly known for a stubborn attitude, and a general disregard for other races, preferring their own kind. They are proficient miners and have a love for the riches of the earth, and build most of their trade upon this. Due to their underground nature from long centuries of mining, they have the ability to see infravision. Their height averages from four and a half feet to five feet, with dusky complexions and thick torsos and limbs. They are rather hairy, and both men and women wear and take pride in their beards, which is often used as a symbol of status in their culture. They're the most technologically advanced race.


- automatically speak common and dwarven.
- infravision.
- cannonball attack initiation.
- +2 strength, +3 constitution, -2 charisma, -1 dexterity
- can sniff out ore and gems.


- height: 51 to 56 inches
- weight: 140 to 154 pounds.