Dark Legacy :: manual races Minotaur
Dividing Line


Passionate and fierce half man half bull.

No one knows exactly how these strange creatures came into being. Some suggest that it was perhaps the curse of a god, the spell of a powerful mage or perhaps even the inadvertent result of a farmer and his favorite cow. What is known however, is that minotaurs are one of the fiercest humanoid creatures in Alora. Although not numerous as a species, they make their presence felt where ever they live. Standing at around 10 feet tall with their huge muscles bulging and their sharp horns gleaming, they are truly an awesome sight to behold. There are few minotaur settlements in Alora, but they are typically found on the plains. Society in these settlements is controlled by a martial code of law, often ruled by the clan leader and his hunters. Minotaurs usually remain aloof from the world in general, considering many races to be weak and despising most magic users as a rule. As a true warrior race, most minotaurs excel as fighters and rangers, gaining an edge through their animal instincts.


- automatically speak common and animal.
- +5 str, +1 con, -3 int, -3 cha.
- ability to track.
- adds goring damage to headbutt and charge.


- height: 120 to 132 inches
- weight: 315 to 346 pounds.