Dark Legacy :: manual races Kobold
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Small reptilian goblinoid with sadistic tendancies.

Kobolds have glowing red eyes, scaly skin that ranges from dark rusty brown to rusty black, and a small tail they use to help maintain balance. Many kobolds live in dark places; usually underground locations such as a mine or in overgrown forests where they build small shelters in the base of large trees. Kobolds only fight when they have an obvious advantage, which is usually an unfair one. They will typically flee unless they have superior numbers. Kobolds hate most humanoids, being a naturally suspicious and paranoid race. They especially despise forest and rock gnomes with whom they often have to compete with for territory. A lot of the kobolds time is spent on fortifying the land around their lairs with traps and warning devices. They love to lure in travelers who have trespassed into their territory. A typical kobold lair usually has around ten adults and a few young who are cared for by the whole pack. Their main diet consists of plants and small animals, though kobolds will eat the occasional prisoner if need be.


- automatically speak common and orcish.
- -1 strength, +2 dexterity, -2 charisma.
- +2 bonus to trap disarming.
- +5% experience.


- height: 34 to 37 inches
- weight: 60 to 66 pounds.