Dark Legacy :: manual races Imperial Halfling
Dividing Line

Imperial Halfling

Adapted to life in the crowded cities.

Imperial Halflings have small bodies with long, thick limbs, and usually have very hairy feet. They are taller than their Meadow cousins however, probably from constantly standing on their tiptoes in the crowded cities of the taller races. They make their homes in human settlements with which they have a friendly relationship. Owing to a slightly skewed view of civilized fashion, Imperial Halflings happily wear bright and foppish clothing, but actually look quite garish to the rest of society. Imperial halflings are very open-minded but their disposition to borrow items without regard for the owners tends to get them into trouble quickly, though they are often saved in their schemes by their small stature, high agility and their uncanny luck. Imperial halflings love riddles and puzzles, and love the big cities in which they are very streetwise. They excel as city guides, bards or rogues.


- automatically speak common and halfling.
- -1 to all magical complexities.
- +2 bonus to saving throws.
- +2 bonus to lockpicking and trap disarming.
- +1 bonus to ranged attacks.
- -2 strength, +3 dexterity, +2 luck.


- height: 36 to 39 inches
- weight: 65 to 71 pounds.