Dark Legacy :: manual races Half-Orc
Dividing Line


A mixed breed between humans and orcs.

Many horrific wars and raiding allowed the brutal ways of the Orcs to give rise to the involuntary mingling of Orcish and Human blood. Most members of this half-blooded race are distinctly more Orcish than Human in both appearance and behavior. Half-orcs are notoriously short tempered and their status in society doesn't make survival any easier for them. Half-Orcs are barely tolerated in human settlements, and most are killed outright by other Orcs. Though not as broad or powerful as full-blooded Orcs, Half-Orcs usually retain their wide bodies, longer limbs and heavier musculature. They have most of the same facial features, as well as the Orcish smelly body odor, and their presence disgusts the civilized races.


- automatically speak common and orcish.
- take no extra damage for being in an aggressive or berserk combat style.
- +2 strength, -2 charisma.
- +5% bonus experience.
- +1 damage reduction per level.
- gain +1 damage reduction per 10 epic levels until e1000.


- height: 72 to 79 inches
- weight: 120 to 132 pounds.