Dark Legacy :: manual races Half-Elf
Dividing Line


A human elf hybrid.

Forbidden love doesnt usually occur between species, but many of the most romantic tales involve a beautiful elf and a passionate human falling in love. It is of course only natural that eventually a baby is made in all of that romance, and so half-elves were born. At first both races scorned them as freaks of nature, but today half-elves are accepted in all but the most intolerant of human and elven settlements. Half-elves can be found all across the world among all sorts of sorts of people, but are not always noticeable as such, being neither completely elven nor human in looks. A keen eye however can see that half-elves do not have very pointy elvish ears and that some even have beards. They have retained some of the innate magic of the elves however, along with a human industriousness. This gives half-elves the ability to do well at all professions, although most choose to follow their elven love of nature as rangers and druids.


- immune to magical sleep.
- innate detect magic.
- automatically speak common and elvish.
- +1 nature and summoning complexity.
- +3 charisma.
- +5% bonus experience.


- height: 62 to 68 inches
- weight: 100 to 110 pounds.