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Gully Dwarf

Anguished dwarves, durable but increadibly dense.

Gully Dwarves can be found in almost every city and ruin in Alora; though most of the city-dwellers consider them to be some sort of large rodent and not a sentient humanoid at all. They are incredibly dirty and stupid, with few being able to count above two. However, they still possess a close likeness to their dwarf-kin, although they are somewhat smaller and stockier; but since they never bathe and they live in refuse heaps and sewers for the most part, it isnt really visible (much to the relief of the other dwarves). Like other dwarves, they also form clans...but their standards for leadership are somewhat different of course. Gully dwarves are downtrodden by most races except the halflings, and being outcasts of society they need to scavenge for food where ever they can. Since they really dont know any better, this suits them just fine; especially since they are able to eat almost anything with their heightened constitution. Gully dwarves are usually rather cowardly but when forced into battle they can be ferocious little creatures with a knack for ranged weapons.


- automatically speak common and dwarven.
- infravision.
- regeneration via alcohol.
- +4 constitution.
- -4 charisma, -4 intelligence, -2 wisdom.
- +2 attack with range weapons.


- height: 51 to 56 inches
- weight: 140 to 154 pounds.