Dark Legacy :: manual races Grig
Dividing Line


Colorful communal fey, energetic and agile.

Less than a few inches tall, Grig resemble small plump wood textured men with leafy hands, legs and ears and like to drape themselves in the most colorful garments. They are notoriously fast and use trained chipmunks, which give fast and safe transport through the forest treetops. Grig are highly communal, generally raising families of several hundred offspring. Grig tend to live in quiet, rural areas, and sometimes even in farmhouses and barns. Grigs are a very helpful and peaceful race; wherever they live, they help around, doing chores or keeping the forests in shape. Grig rarely leave their communities, but when they do they are welcomed into the mortal realm. Grig enjoy a very positive image as hard workers.


- automatically speak common and sylvan.
- -3 strength, +3 dexterity, +2 constitution.
- starts with the mount skill trained.
- starts with a fully grown saddled chipmunk.
- faster movement speed.


- height: 11 to 12 inches
- weight: 15 to 16 pounds.