Dark Legacy :: manual races Gray Dwarf
Dividing Line

Gray Dwarf

Surly and emaciated evil natured dwarves.

Gray dwarves are physically the closest to their mountain dwarfkin of all the dwarves, yet their seclusion in the depths of the mountains has changed them nevertheless. Although as strong and sturdy as their cousins, gray dwarves have larger eyes to compensate for the darkness and their skin and hair are much paler. To survive the harsh elements of their environment they have also developed a certain amount of resistance to magic and poison, owing to the abundance of magical creatures that live there and the large amount of toxic fumes that vent from the earth. It is also said by their cousins that gray dwarves are mentally unstable from living so deep the in earth, surrounded constantly by darkness and terrible creatures. But for a large part this is fueled by the animosity with which they regard the gray dwarves, ever since their exile so many years ago. Although not quite as industrious as their cousins, gray dwarves have built a few strongholds in the mountain depths and they delve for gems and ore like other dwarves.


- automatically speak common and dwarven.
- infravision.
- +2 strength, +3 constitution, -4 charisma, -1 dexterity
- +20 poison resistance points.
- +5 spell resistance.


- height: 51 to 56 inches
- weight: 140 to 154 pounds.