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Evil and mischievious critters of grotesque appearance.

Goblins are humanoids who are short of stature, with a warty skin of varying putrid colors and usually wearing filthy drab clothes. Goblins are tribal, and inherently malicious. Goblins enjoy torture and plotting evil deeds more than anything. According to folklore, Goblins can weave nightmares out of gossamer and insert them into the ear of a sleeping human. This is owed largely to their prowess at sneaking about during the night, easily robbing their unsuspecting victims. Goblins derive stature among their own kind from hunting fey and devote much time to it. As such the goblin and fey have always been extremely volatile towards each other. In the civilized society, individual goblins are sometimes tolerated but often considered no better than vermin. Most goblins survive the streets by thieving or scurrying through trash, while many others join bandit groups.


- automatically speak common and orcish.
- +3 dex, +2 con, -1 str, -1 wis, -4 cha.
- +5% experience.
- increased skill in hiding and sneaking.


- height: 34 to 37 inches
- weight: 60 to 66 pounds.