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Hard blue-purplish stone skin, can eat anything.

The gerps are a strange race, originally part of the mountain dwarf sub-species. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a dwarven village located near a mine used for magical ores. Unfortunately, over generations the ore began to affect the miners, and their offspring grew to be quite different. They had hard, blue-purplish skin, and an appetite that was never quite satisfied by normal food. For the most part though, the gerps are just like other dwarves, but a little more stout. Back in the days when the signs of their change first became visible, they were shunned by other dwarves and were forced to live apart. This only increased the effects of their evolution. Gerps today have their own language, and can eat anything, often receiving temporary benefits from the items eaten. They're also resilient to slashing weapons, due to their oddly hard skin.


- automatically speak common and dwarven.
- infravision.
- unnatural appetite with absorbing qualities.
- +60 slash resistance points, +10 blunt resistance points.
- +1 strength, +3 constitution, -2 charisma, -1 dexterity
- automatically speak gerpish.


- height: 51 to 56 inches
- weight: 140 to 154 pounds.