Dark Legacy :: manual races Forest Troll
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Forest Troll

Solidary forest hunter.

Forest Trolls have very elongated and slanted facial characteristics, and their large gaunt, disfigured bodies are frightening to behold. The heavily scaled skin of the Forest Troll ranges in color from a charcoal grey to a deep, blackish green. They revel in the fright of their appearance, often wearing their hair in battle-braids and emblazoning themselves with brands and tattoos to accentuate the effect. Forest Trolls live mostly in the dark forests of Alora, where they live for the hunt. Often they fight for territory with Elves and other forest inhabitants. Forest Trolls can haunt a forest for centuries, maintaining their longevity through their powers of regeneration. Most are solitary creatures; gathering only to mate and band together in times of persecution. Forest trolls are very strong and resilient, but are not very intelligent or magically gifted. They are mostly suited to the role of the fighter.


- faster hitpoint regeneration.
- wound regeneration.
- limb regeneration.
- automatically speak common and trollese.
- -1 to all magical complexities.
- +3 strength, +3 constitution
- -2 dexterity, -2 intelligence, -3 charisma
- -20 fire resistance points.


- height: 120 to 132 inches
- weight: 315 to 346 pounds.