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Feral Halfling

Strange and reclusive deep forest halflings.

Feral halflings are a short but stout race. They sport a well tanned complexion. Both males as females braid their hair, wearing hides of animals as clothing. Feral halflings file their teeth, giving them a sharklike grin. Feral Halflings are fiercly territorial, harassing any traveller crossing their domain. Feral Halflings have difficulty relating to others, with only curiosity to help occasionally them overcome their xenophobia. Feral halfling are carnivorous, prefering their meat raw. Most live out their lives on the wide-open plains following the animal herds, but some have ventured into the forest. Feral halflings have had only occasional run-ins with the civilized world. Feral Halflings have an understanding with the wild elves, with whom they occasionally barter. Feral halflings have lost touch with magic but have developed their ranged hunting skills, making good warriors and rangers.


- automatically speak common and halfling.
- -1 to all magical complexities.
- +4 bonus to saving throws.
- +2 bonus to ranged attacks.
- +1 dexterity, +2 luck.


- height: 36 to 39 inches
- weight: 65 to 71 pounds.