Dark Legacy :: manual races Ettercap
Dividing Line


A cross between a gangly human and a bloated spider.

Ettercaps have long, slender arms and legs protruding from a bloated body. Their eyes are bulbous and their bodies have sprouted thick sensitive hairs. It is thought that long ago a few druids living in the deep jungles of Alora bonded themselves to spiders. Over time their symbiotic relationship caused the druids to become what is now known as an ettercap, while their bonded spiders grew to enormous sizes. While losing some of the intelligence of their human ancestors, ettercaps have gained an arachnids strength and speed, and developed special glands that allow them to secrete poison and shoot silky webs. They are mostly solitary creatures; and living in the deep jungles and swamps of Alora, ettercaps live to pursue their instinctual fondness for hunting and trapping prey.


- automatically speak common and animal.
- +2 strength, +2 dexterity, +2 constitution.
- -4 intelligence, -2 charisma.
- melee attacks cause extra poison damage.
- innate spell: web
- starts with a grown huge spider as a pet.


- height: 66 to 72 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.