Dark Legacy :: manual races Dryad
Dividing Line


Living tree spirit, protector of forests.

Dryads are blessed with nymph-like beauty. Leaf textured hair blossoms over their burnished wood-skinned shoulders. Dryads detest wearing clothes, and only do so if its absolutely necessary. Popular belief holds that dryads are the protectors of trees, and even the souls of unjustly felled trees. Dryads fiercely oppose injustice, and it is this nature that sometimes lures them outside the trusted borders of their forests into the world of mortals. Dryads are generally very bright, but very shy and nave in the ways of the world. Mortals find them very alluring, and are often enchanted by their presence.


- automatically speak common and sylvan.
- +2 intelligence, +2 dexterity, +4 charisma, -3 strength.
- innate spells: charm person, entangle.


- height: 36 to 39 inches
- weight: 65 to 71 pounds.