Dark Legacy :: manual races Desert Troll
Dividing Line

Desert Troll

Hardy trolls born from the desert sands.

Tall and limber, these reddish skinned desert trolls have a grace and calm unbecoming of most trolls. Unlike their hostile brethren who rely on flesh and revel in violence, desert trolls are peaceful hunters and gatherers. Their passive disposition and helpful nature makes the desert trolls very respected by their neighboring civilizations. The rare fruits they occasionally cultivate are considered a delicacy and their ability to find and develop oases even in the heart of the desert allows them to settle where no others can. Desert Trolls enjoy traveling and exploring the world. Even with their hereditary magical handicap, desert Trolls prefer to be druids and rangers.


- faster hitpoint regeneration.
- wound regeneration.
- limb regeneration.
- automatically speak common and trollese.
- +1 nature complexity, -1 to all other complexities.
- +4 constitution
- -2 dexterity, -2 intelligence, -3 charisma
- -20 acid resistance points.
- can cast 'create food' at will.


- height: 120 to 132 inches
- weight: 315 to 346 pounds.