Dark Legacy :: manual races Deep Gnome
Dividing Line

Deep Gnome

Secretive and mysterious deep-dwelling gnomes.

Deep gnomes are a short, thin and gnarled race. They have rock colored skin, and while the males are usually bald, the females have pure white hair. Deep gnomes live in hidden underground communities in the deepest layer of the earth. Their hostile environment forces them to live a very reclusive and isolated life. Deep Gnomes have a knack for illusions, but have also developed extra abilities to protect against magic and detection. They sport an almost a sickly love for stone, precious metals and gems. Deep gnomes are an inherently good race but are usually harsh and distrustful towards outsiders. Even more so than their rock gnome brethren, they have practically no contact with the surface world.


- automatically speak common and gnomish.
- +1 to enchantment complexity.
- -2 strength, +1 constitution, +2 wisdom
- permanently affected by a spell of nondetection, blocking farsight.
- +5 magic resistance.
- innate spell: figment
- can sniff out ore and gems.


- height: 44 to 48 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.