Dark Legacy :: manual races Aquatic Elf
Dividing Line

Aquatic Elf

Waterbreathing cousins to land-dwelling elves.

The aquatic elves resemble wood elves the most. They have a few physical differences of course, having adapted to their underwater environment. Their skin and hair ranges from blue to green and gill slits on either side of their throats permit them the ability to breathe underwater. They may venture away from water if desired, although they need to have access to plenty of water in order to remain hydrated. While generally an anti-social race towards others, within their communities they are fiercely loyal. Aquatics have little confidence in the ability of outsiders, and would prefer to be left alone to tend to their own society. This is usually the case anyway, considering their cities lie on the deepest ocean beds of Alora. Those closest to the mainland sometimes come in contact with their lizardman neighbors, with whom they have an apprehensive but essentially neutral relationship.


- immune to magical sleep.
- innate detect magic.
- automatically speak common and elvish.
- +1 nature and summoning complexity.
- +3 dexterity, +1 charisma. -2 constitution.
- can breathe under water.
- +20 water resistance points, -20 earth resistance points.


- height: 66 to 72 inches
- weight: 110 to 121 pounds.