Dark Legacy :: manual prompts
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Prompt tokens

The game automatically sets your prompt when your character is created, but you can use 'prompt' to change your prompt to more to your liking. If you type 'prompt default', your prompt will be set back to the game default.

The fprompt sets your fighting prompt. This is the prompt that is displayed to you while you are fighting. It follows the same format as the normal prompt does.

Your prompt can be any string of characters that you wish. You can also embed special characters and tokens into the string that you set. These special characters are linked with specific groups of tokens. These tokens will add specific sets of information to your prompt.

Examples (assuming current hit points of 43, mana of 23, and movement of 120): 'prompt %h %m %v>' = 43 23 120>

Prompt Tokens
%h current hitpoints
%m current mana (0 for vamp)
%H maximum hitpoints
%M maximum mana (0 for vamp)
%b current blood (0 for non-vamp)
%v current movement
%V maximum movement
%B maximum blood (0 for non-vamp)
%g gold held
%x current experience
%X experience needed to next level
%a your alignment
%A invisible/hide/sneak indicator
%S your current combat style
%0 Shows the class that needs the least XP and the XP. (1349 Wis).
%1 Shows the experience needed to level for your 'First' class.
%2 Same, but for your second class (Multiclass only.)
%3 Same, but for your third class (Multiclass only.)
%d Gives you a graph of your HP.
%D Gives you a graph of your enemies HP.
%e Gives you a graph for your mana/blood. (Blood requires Vamp flag)
%E Gives you a graph for your movement points.
%s Adds a carriage return.