Dark Legacy :: manual pets
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In Alora and pet shops around Alora you can find numerous 'pet eggs'. These eggs can be hatched into obedient pets, which can learn a number of tricks, and combat beside you.
Pet eggs
There are a number of egg types, each representing a group of animals. Each group contains a number of subraces, some more rare then others (for example, A rich brown egg can contain any number of Felines). You will find one or two eggs in the pet shops around Alora. Each race has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some are stronger in magic but weaker in body, others are pure beasts of terror. Some pets already know a trick. There are even some extremely rare pets that know a trick unique to them!

to hatch an egg, hold it in your hands and type 'pet hatch'. Newborn pets are, due to their age, only a fraction of their adult size.

You can 'dismiss' a pet, but it will be destroyed in the process.

Pet incubators
Usage: put an egg in an incubator, hold the incubator in your hands and type 'pet hatch.' Note: Incubators are NOT needed to hatch eggs, you can hatch them with or without an incubator!
Pet stables
You can store a limited number of pets inside a stable with the 'stable' command. While your pets are in the stable, they will not age, and are unable to assist you in any way. A small fee is required, depending on the level of your pet. You can find some stables nw,w,n of TSQ. You can only have one pet out of the stables at any one time.
Pet collars
Other than domestic traits, pet collars are a piece of equipment only wearable by pets. Some collars are cosmetic, others give your pet a bonus. You can buy collars in the pet shops around Alora.
Pet toys and tricks
Pets learn tricks via toys. There are two kind of tricks. Magical tricks and normal tricks. A pet can only learn a certain amount of magical tricks and a certain amount of normal tricks, depending on its level. Some pets already know a trick. There are even some extremely rare pets that know a trick unique to them!
Some tricks cost mana to use. This means that sometimes a creature will be unable to use a trick until it has levelled somewhat. To teach your pet a trick, hold a toy in your hand and type 'pet train'.
STUDY toys before you use them. ask around what they do. Not ALL toys are beneficial, and not all are equally powerful! Your pet CANNOT unlearn a trick.
Pet death
Having to lose a pet is a tragic event- but don't be sad, you can save your pet! Experienced druids can resurrect your pet for you. The spell creates a new body for the fallen pet's soul. Clerics cannot resurrect pets. They are trained in all common races, but the hundred of pet races require the Clerics of Nature: Druids!