Dark Legacy :: manual multiclassing
Dividing Line


A player at level 50 can multiclass. It allows you to chose a second (Or third) class. You will be moved back to level 1, and will be both classes. All experience you get will be split between your classes, making it twice as hard to level.

Once you have Avatared both of your classes (You may finish one before the other is complete), you can use multiclass a second time, and be three classes. The experience is split three ways, so it takes three times as long to level.

The benefit to multiclassing is that you will have all the skills and spells of both (Or all three) of your classes.

How to multiclass
Type 'multiclass' in the game to see what classes are available to you. Type 'multiclass [class] sure' to multiclass in that class. You will lose all equipment you have on your character when you multiclass, please put it somewhere for safe keeping.