Dark Legacy :: manual magic
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Spellcasters, like Mages and Clerics, are able to form rampant energy via formulas sung or spoken, for the purpose of raising spirits, producing enchantment, or affecting other magical results.

They do this via magical prisms they store in a spellbook. Each prism is tailored to create a specific magical spell. By uttering an incantation and directing rampant energy through a prism, the prism breaks down the energy into a spell effect.

Some prisms are more complex to master depending on your class and the prism's strength.

Spellcasters are capable of adding Runes to a prism, increasing its duration, strength, lower its costs, add spell targets, or even alter its function. This, however, also raises a spell's complexity.

Spellcasters store their prisms in their spellbook. Spellcasters are automatically given a spellbook when they start. A spellbook has no limit in the number of prisms that can be placed within its sockets.

You can place prisms in your spellbook as you would put them into a container: 'put (prism) spellbook' or 'get (prism) spellbook'.

Max Spell Complexity
Each prism belongs to a specific spell school. Depending on your class, level and intelligence, you will have a certain skill in each of the schools. This is called Max Spell Complexity.

If a prism of a certain school is more complex than your Max Spell Complexity of that school, You are unable to cast the spell.

The chance that spells fizzle is greater the closer its complexity is with your max complexity.

Adding runes to a prism makes a spell more complex, but also more powerful.

You can learn the skill 'Spell Mastery' to increase your maximum complexity slightly.

When a spell is near your maximum complexity, and you fail casting it, there is a slight chance of a 'wild surge,' a random magical effect. If you find your feet suddenly enlarging, bricks falling on your head out of nowhere or similar you just experienced a wild surge! They are generally bad for your health.

Some classes can train in the 'concentration' skill. this skill lowers the chance for wild surges considerably and allows you to succeed more often at the complex spells.


To cast the spell, put it in your spellbook 'put heal spellbook'. You can now cast the heal spell from your spellbook indefinitely by typing 'cast heal' (mana allowing of course).

You can currently find prisms in treasure chests, or you can conjure them.

Just for the info, an example prism object!: a prism containing Heal (23c, 75m, Body, Ef+++)

23c The complexity of this spell is 23. 75m Casting this spell will cost 75 mana. Body It belongs to the 'Body' school. Ef+++ It has the 'Extra Effect' rune three times.

list of spells is available.
Conjuring Prisms
This skill allows a spellcaster to create a prism for spellcasting, paying a small amount of gold for the components. Conjuration costs a small amount of XP to cast.

You can only conjure prisms that your max complexity allows, and are below a complexity of 30. Prisms higher than that need to be found in treasure chests.

Type 'conjure' for a list of all prisms you can cast.

The 'conjure prism' skill increases the speed at which you conjure prisms!

Unbinding Prisms
You can unbind prisms, causing them to collapse into the primary prism and all the runes that where added.

Hold the prism that you want unbinded in your hands and type 'spell unbind'. The prism and any runes will appear in your inventory.


A rune is an ancient symbol used to slightly affect the function of a prism. Runes are NOT mandatory but they will imrpove a spell greatly! There are many different runes, of which I will list a few.

Elemental runes: These can be added to some spells, causing them to function differently. For example: Adding an 'air' rune to a prism of 'Conjure Elemental' will cause it to conjure Air Elementals.

Augment runes: These augment a spell in one of several ways. For example: Adding a 'Duration' rune to a 'Sanctuary' spell will double its duration.

Note that not all combinations are useful. (Adding a 'Duration' rune to the 'heal' prism will not do anything).

To add a rune to a prism, hold the prism in your hands, and with the rune in your inventory type 'spell add (runename)'. The rune will now merge with the prism.

You can currently find runes in treasure chests.

Runes: Elemental
The soulbind spell allows you to convert the soul of a target into an elemental rune. Cast the spell on the appropriate mobile BEFORE IT DIES. If its still active when you make the deathblow, it will spawn an elemental rune (provided you have the required skill).
Rune Required Skill Required Class
Fire Pyromancy Mage
Ice/Water Hydromancy Augurer/Druid
Electricity Kinetics Mage
Air Aeromancy Paladin
Acid Alchemy Augurer
Poison Toxicology Ranger
Plant Sylvan Bond Druid
Crystal Geomytics Cleric/Paladin
Earth Geomancy Druid
Runes: Augmenting
You can add augment runes more than once to a single spell, stacking their effects. Each augment rune increases a spell's mana and complexity. (Hint: There are rare Ultra Augment runes, which have triple the effect versus a lower cost in complexity and mana.)
Rune Symbol Effect
Extra Target T The spell will affect one extra target
Extra Effect Ef The spell becomes more powerful
Extra Duration D The spell will stay active for more rounds.
Extra Energy E The spell costs less mana

You can see how many augment runes are added by the number of plusses after the symbol in the prisms. (T++ = two extra targets, T+++ = three extra targets, T+4 = four extra targets, etc).

Runes: Races
Race runes make a spell extra potent vs. a specific race groups. All mobiles on Dark Legacy are grouped into one of the following groups.
Rune Example Monster
Troll Troll
Animal Rat
Beast Dire Wolf
Construct Golem
Undead Zombie
Dragon Red Dragon
Humanoid Human, Elf
Plant Weeds, Treant, Treeman
Goblinoid Orc, Ogre, Goblin
Fey Pixie, Dryad, Efreet
Giant Titan
Elemental Fire Elemental
Unholy Pitfiend, Imp
Holy Angel, Celestial
Unbeast Beholder, Mindflayer
Animorph whererat, shapeshifter
Small Humanoid Halfling
God God!
Slime Ooze, Mold
Runes: Misc.
Rune Effect
Range World Makes non-hostile prism spell castable on someone elsewhere in the world.
Quicken Prism spell takes less time to cast
Instantaneous Prism spell takes NO time to cast.
Self-sufficient Prism spell costs no mana to cast.
Combat Prism spell can be cast while in combat. (for spells normally not castable in combat)
Leisure Prism spell can be cast when resting.
Berserk Prism spell can be cast when in berserk stance.
Songs: Songs
Bards can 'perform <song>' any song placed in their songbook, provided they meet the requirement skill displayed next to each song (EXAM SONGBOOK). A dry throat or a dirty or untuned instrument will make you fumble and stop your performance, so it is important to keep your instruments 'clean' and 'tune'd. Depending on the song, a song will either affect everyone in your party, or anyone attacking the party. Most effects will last as long as you keep playing. New songs are found in treasure chests which pop on mobiles.