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Dividing Line

Love and Marriage

You can tell another player that you love him/her in game by typing 'involve love [player]'. This is a serious command; do not use it if you dont mean it. The player you love will receive a message and will have the option of returning the love.
It is possible when two people are in love one of them can choose to propose engagement with the other in game 'Involve Engage'. The other person can accept or reject The engagement and a gamewide broadcast will be send making the engagement official. Its a custom to give a gift of bonding to your loved one when you propose.
You can request an (in game) marriage at one of the caretakers. You will have to pay the immortal in gold for this service, and the price depends on your wishes. You can marry in one of the grand churches with a big speech given by a high priest, or you can have a private marriage in the pixieforest. A big party afterwards with all your friends is a must, but not required.
A divorce can be requested at any Caretaker. Disputes will not be settled by the caretakers.