Dark Legacy :: manual guilds
Dividing Line

Guilds and Factions

A guild is an association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests or to maintain certain standards.
A Faction is A body of persons that have renounced the law, united by some common interest or pursuit.

Joining a guild

Before you can apply to a Group you need to select one that fits your character first. Each Guild and each Faction has its own history, set of rules and requirements for joining.

'guild list' shows a list of possible guilds and factions that you could join based on class and race. To view more information about a group type 'guild info [group]'. Spend some time talking with the members of a group to see if they fit your character.

After you chose a group, type 'guild apply [group]'. This will allow you to enter an application request note. Depending on your character and your application you may be rejected or accepted into the guild as soon as a leader has the time to check your application.

Joining a Faction will revoke many of your rights, but it will also place you in a dark spot of the law, allowing you to kill or be killed by other Faction members without repercussions.

Creating a guild

players can create their own guilds and factions as long as they can afford to pay the establishment cost.

Its important to get your guilds motto and description in sync with the main story of Dark Legacy. As soon as these are ok you can request a 60+ level Caretaker to make your group official.

Structures can be opened up and used as guildhalls.

WARNING: Founding a group costs lots of money, you are NOT reimbursed by the game or any caretaker when you decide it was a mistake and you disband your guild, so be sure its what you want to do!

If the leader of a group defects or outcasts him- or herself, the next highest ranking member will be made leader.If no members are left in the group it will be automatically disbanded.

To make a Guild type 'setguild found [guildname]'.