Dark Legacy :: manual chargen
Dividing Line

The Basics - Avatar Creation

Avatar Creation

Creating an account
  • Start playing! (You can do this later, please read on).
  • When you connect the game will ask you to enter your account name or type new. Since you are a new player, type 'new' and press enter.
  • Follow the instructions given. After this your account will be created immediatly, and you will be asked the name of your first avatar!
choosing a name
Pick a name appropriate to the avatar you are going to role play, and be sure that it suits a medieval theme. A bad name has a high chance of being 'ridiculed' by other players, causing computer controlled avatars in the game to refuse to interact with you.
choosing a class
Selecting a class will define what skills you can use and spells you are able to cast. If you are playing for the first time try out the warrior; its easyest to learn.
choosing a race
Selecting a race will define your avatar's special abilities (for example, a pixies flight, or a trolls regeneration) and your general affinity to things like magic and combat.