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Dividing Line

Avatar development

There are many ways how to develop your avatar. You can advance in level and skill, friends and foes, ownership of houses, castles and guilds, and last but not least a avatar personality.
Finding a mentor
You need to be vowed for before you can advance past level 9 and also before you can use the regular chat channel. To be vowed for you must ask someone that is higher than level 30 to vow for you. When someone vows for you he or she states she will keep an eye on you until you reach level 30, and he/she is responsible for keeping you out of trouble.
History and biography
The 'description' command puts you into an editor to edit your long avatar description (what people see when they look at you). The 'bio' command puts you into an editor to edit your personal bio: what people see when they check 'whois' on you. Try to be creative. Who where your parents? How did you get to being who you are? Who helped you on the way? Who worked against you? Who are your friends? Who are your enemies? Whats special about you? These are all questions other players will enjoy knowing, as it richens the playing enviroment.
Training skills
Learn skills from tutors found all over Alora (For example, the trainer in the Academy) with the 'practice' command. When you use skills you will get better and better at them. Skill and spell percentages raise quickly in the lower numbers.
Obtaining spells
Spellcasters, like Mages and Clerics, are able to form rampant energy via formulas sung or spoken, for the purpose of raising spirits, producing enchantment, or affecting other magical results. They do this via magical prisms they store in a spellbook. Each prism is tailored to create a specific magical spell. By uttering an incantation and directing rampant energy through a prism, the prism breaks down the energy into a spell effect. You can find spell prisms in chests, or you can use the 'conjure' command to conjure them out of thin air.
Gaining friends
The best way to gain some friends is using the 'chat' command to chat, applying to a guild using 'guild list', joining an adventuring party with the 'group' command, or participating in quests.
Gaining levels and experience
For each kill you or one of your partymembers make, you get Experience points. If the creature is higher level than you, you get more Experience per kill, if its lower level than you, you get less experience. The higher level you are, the more kills you will have to make to gain the required 5000 XP for a level. Note that you only get a fraction of the XP for a party kill if you do not participate in it. As you gain levels, you get extra hit points, mana points, movement points, and access to more skills and spells.
Gaining equipment
Monsters and areas hold special equipment, while the more mundane items can be easily obtained from shops or with your craft skills. keep an eye on your fellow players and you might find the location of several rare and powerful items.