Dark Legacy :: manual caretakers
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What are Caretakers?
Caretakers are players who take care of all the upkeep of Dark Legacy. Their job is generally to make Dark Legacy a better place, however, they are not allowed to give assistance to mortals in any way. That includes Equipment, Transportation, Area Info, Spells, or anything else that would give a player an advantage over others.
In character view on Caretakers
They are the eyes and hands of the gods, keeping an immortal eye on mortality. Caretakers handle disputes between mortals, communicate mortal wishes to the gods, and implement those wishes if the gods wish it. They have no power of themselves, they are empowered by the gods.

Caretakers disclose no knowledge concerning the location of objects, areas or monsters, and do not assist you in any way, for the gods perceive it as depriving the personal development. Requesting these things from any Caretaker insults their Loyalty to the gods and may earn you their disrespect.

Out of character view on Caretakers
We know we control the game mechanics, and CAN do anything to the game we wish, but our knowledge and power in the game are not meant to be used for any players personal interests. They are meant to maintain and provide a fair and fun environment for all the players.

To provide this, we implement the 'gods' as our virtual masters. Although they may not exist in the 'real' way such as the Caretakers do, they provide us with an etiquette we obey, and a justification for the Caretakers decisions in the game from a roleplay point of view.

The gods wishes are final, as those are the wishes of all the people behind the caretakers combined into one voice.

Becoming a Caretaker (or) Builder
Anyone seriously wishing to apply for a caretaker needs to mudmail one of the Caretakers with an application. The application should list your past experience, what levels you've worked at, what codebases, addresses to MUDs you worked for, references there so we can do a background check, and so forth ;) You get the idea.

People wishing to apply for builders need to understand one detail first.. Builders do not get a Caretaker character. Good service as a builder caneventually lead to a Caretaker here, but is not a definate thing. Builder applicants need to mudmail us with similar information as Caretaker applicants. Experience building, references, etc. Also, if you have an idea for an area, or an area already made that you can send into me, this would be extremely helpful. At the very least you should include an idea for an area in your application.