Dark Legacy :: manual ancestries Lycanthrope
Dividing Line


Bitten by a lycanthrope.

It is not sure how the first lycanthrope came to be, whether it was a strange druidic spell gone wrong or the poisonous bite of some dark wolf long ago, but today lycanthropes perpetuate their kind by biting their victims and allowing their saliva to pass into the blood stream. The victim is changed forever, being able to transform into a wolf-like beast.


- shapeshift into dire- or werewolf at will (using spell: howl.)
- immune to vampyrism.
- direwolf stats +3 str, +5 dex, +3 con, -3 int, -3 wis.
- werewolf stats +1 str, +3 dex, -1 int, -1 wis.
- werewolf stats +75 blunt/pierce/slash, +20 other resistance points.