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Vampires are one of the demonic creatures of the Realms. Being a creature of the undead, they require copious quantities of fresh blood. Instead of using mana, Vampires use blood points (bp) for spell casting. If a Vampire takes a large amount of damage, Blood points will be lost, but, Blood points can give a small surge of hit points (hp) in battle when needed. As a undead creature of the night, Vampires receive an armor class (ac) bonus at night, along with increased healing and fighting. It is, of course, exactly opposite around noon. Vampires have access to their own school of magic, 'blood' magic.
Becoming a vampire
You can be infected by vampires with vampirisim, if this happens, you can be cured of vampirism by the clerical spell bloodpurge.
Feeding and bloodletting
Vampires require copious amounts of blood to function properly, and often the small puddle remaining after a kill is insufficient to satiate the Hunger. Thus, the Vampire will often need to grapple with a victim in an attempt to feed from the living veins.

To 'feed', the Vampire must be engaged in combat; simply type 'feed' while fighting. If the bite succeeds a small amount of damage will be done and a varying amount of blood will be drawn.

A vampire which is itself sated on blood may open his own veins to drain a small amount of the vitae for the consumption of a more needy comrade through the use of 'bloodlet'. The pool spilled last only a very brief time, however, as already-consumed blood loses its value quickly once exposed again to air.

Curing vampirism
After the great war, a plague of vampirism spread in and around Tarsonis and Midian. The ancient Clerics Nurpl and Demian created this spell in an effort to rid the Realms of the plague. 'cast bloodpurge [victim]' on an infected vampire to cure him/her of his/her vampirism.